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Hunting in Cuba is something that not many people know about. Various tourism based hunting holidays are available. Guns, ammunitions and search dogs are available within the said packages. A great number of rice fields, pondages, marshes, mouths of rivers, jungles and plains offer marvellous game preserves. Amongst the birds, ducks and heavier animals are chosen game at these different centres. The hunting of some species such as: Bahama Pintel, Blue Wind, Green Wind, Cuchareta, Morisco and the Mexican Guayasin is free in Cuba, but there are some other species like deer, manatee, which are prohibited.

The Hunting season is opens on October the 15th until March the 20th and from July the 20th to August the 30th specially the Mexican Guayasin. Hunting during these dates is everyday until sunset.

The main game preserves are located in:

-Pinar del Río, game preserve "Maspotón".

It totals 134 km2 where ducks, wild dove, quails, and pheasants abound. It has a hotel with 16 air-conditioned rooms, restaurant, bar and shop, among other services.

Pinar del Río, game preserve Alonso Rojas.

The lodging is available close in Maspoton.

Ciefuegos, game preserve Yarigua.

Better duck hunting, quails, pigeons, and Guinea's hens. The hotel has 7 air-conditioned rooms, restaurant, bar and swimming pool among other opportunities.

Ciego de Avila, game preserve Morón.

It is great to hunt ducks, quails, pigeons, and Guinea's hens. The hotel has 7 climatic rooms, restaurant, bar and swimming-pool among other opportunities.

Camagüey, game preserve Florida.

The hotel has 74 rooms and different opportunities for the visitors. This is a wonderful place for the birds hunting.

Book your hunting vacation with us now. We organize to the smallest details every aspect of your trip. Contact info@gocubaplus.com or visit our website on www.gocubaplus.net


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